Micro-invest your daily spare change.

Automate your savings.

Saveboost is an intelligent assistant for your money. It helps you to automate your finances and save and invest automatically.

Saving money
as simple as texting

Automate your savings

Saveboost calculates and collects the spare change of your transactions, so you can start saving automatically.


For example:
Buy a coffee for €0.95
and automatically save €0.05.

How to start with Saveboost

1. Open your Facebook Messenger app

Don't download another new app. Just search for "Saveboost" in your FB Messenger.

Check how.

2. Select your bank

Saveboost works with all the major Spanish banks to help you save automatically.

Bankia, Bankinter, La Caixa, BBVA, EVO, ING Direct, Sabadell and Santander.

3. Securely connect your bank

Saveboost uses bank-level security with 256-bit TLS encryption to ensure your data is protected and safe.

Read more about our security

Where's the money saved?

Where's the money?

Your money will be saved into bank account controlled by TransferZero, an authorized payment instituition regulated by the Bank of Spain. License 6854.

Is it safe?

Yes, your money is protected and can only be transferred back to the original bank account.

Can I withdraw my money?

Of course! It's your money and you can withdraw it anytime you want.

Does Saveboost has access to my money?

No. Saveboost never touches or hold your money. Only you can move it using our software.

Saving goals

Think about a fitness coach for finance.
Saveboost will help you achieve your goals sooner than you'd expect.

Save automatically

Stop thinking about saving. Make it automatic.


Start small by investing with 5€. Accesible and easy for everyone.

Learn about finance

Learn how the economy works and advanced finance concepts.

Stop consuming and start micro-investing

Saveboost helps you to become an owner and micro-invest with your daily spare change. 
Start micro-investing with just 5€ in the companies you love and use.


Don't just watch a show on Netflix, own Netflix.

Bank-level security

We use the most advanced encryption techniques and we designed our service to respect your privacy.


We use 256-bit TLS for encrypting our data, the same level used in the best banks. 


We never associate your bank data with any other private information. 


We use the same data storage and hosting service used by the NASA and the US Department of Defense.


We are here to help you.
Send us en email at help@saveboost.com if you have any questions.