Our mission

We believe that being financially healthy is as important as physical and mental health. Unfortunately too many people ignore their personal finances and don't enough savings for an emergency.

The solution is to save as you spend!

Everybody thinks saving money is hard, but it's not. We built Saveboost to make it very easy to put money aside everytime you buy something with your card. So you can live your life in the same way knowing that you are putting money aside automatically in your digital piggy bank.

We created different saving methods and built a safe service that will help people save and grow their money. Would you like to buy something or travel? Would you like to save money for your kids? Save as you spend with Saveboost. Simple, automatic and secure. 

Get onboard, download Saveboost for iPhone / iPad or Android and start saving money.

Thank you

We are a digital native team expert in creating innovative services with a great user experience. Before Saveboost, we created Simyo, UppTalk and Shazam.