Our mission

We believe that being financially healthy is as important as physical and mental health and Saveboost is a personal assistant to help you achieve it.

Unfortunately too many people ignore their personal finances and end up adding an unecessary stress to their lives. Debts, no savings for emergencies and no retirement plan are just some of the consequences of not taking care of your money. We think the solution for this problem is quite simple, but requires some discipline and constancy:

  1. Save 10% - 20% of your income.
  2. Invest in a diversified portfolio.
  3. Start as early as possible and take advantage of the compound interests.

That's why we created Saveboost. So you can go live your life while knowing that your personal assistant is putting this methodology in practice for you. Saveboost is an intelligent personal assistant that doesn't sleep, is never tired and is always available for you with only one goal: to improve your personal finances.

We are a digital native team expert in creating innovative services with a great user experience. Before Saveboost, we created Simyo, UppTalk and Shazam.